Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Joshua and Joey

Joshua was born first, into our world and into heaven. He is never forgotten and always a part of our family and daily conversations. We love you and miss you. Happy birthday to the one that made me mommy first! (Joey would be mad that I said that, since he loves being first and gets upset anytime he isn't, but fact of the matter is I was his mommy 1 minute before Joey!) Sometimes its hard to believe that Joey was a few ounces smaller than Josh and an inch shorter as well. But both started out in the NICU. Joey was there for a 16 days stay, whereas Josh beat him with 126 days, but here is Joey shortly after he was born (except for the first and 2 others close to the end, see if you can figure it out)... And some of the two of them together...brothers forever.

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