Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yogi Bear Camping Trip!

Our friend was so nice to allow us to use her camper for a weekend. It worked out well since they were camping the weekend of Memorial Day and then could store their camper and allow us to use it the following week. Friday before leaving I searched and put on some Yogi Bear Cartoons, and Joey and Jillian loved it and now request it regularly! They loved the camper, when I asked Joey at one point what his favorite part about camping was he said napping! He thought it was awesome to sleep in the camper in his sleeping bag, next to Jill, and with his lantern! We had lots of campfires, yummy campfire food, tie dyed some t-shirts, played at the big park they had, went mining for some cool rocks, walked around a lot, went on heyrides where they sang some good old camp favorites, had cartoons in the morning at the activity center, Jill and I did morning exercises with Yogi, other crafts during the day, an outdoor movie, a hilarious show where the workers danced and we saw lots and lots of Yogi, Boo Boo, and Cindy Bear! We even tried out a pedal cart which was quite a workout, Joey loved playing ladderball at the campsite, both kids loved the fish on the wall in the camper that would sing a very catchy song, and everyone seemed to enjoy the fun of camping for the first time. Although as Daddy said to Mr. Engler it was far from roughing it with all the amenities they had with the camper! We have tons more pictures, but here are a few of our festivities:

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Christy said...

Fun! My kind of camping with all of the activities there and a camper!