Friday, June 15, 2012

Dock Diving Dog Jessie!

This past weekend Jessie, Grandma's dog, yes the one that just turned 1 in April had her first Dock Diving competition at Riverfest in St. Charles on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday Jessie took 5th and 9th place with jumps over 16 feet. On Sunday she got 3rd place with a 17 feet, 8 inch jump. She also was kicked out of Amateur status which meant she was not in the finals--had she known she'd have saved that jump for the finals, but she jumped so far in her last jump before the finals that she went from Amateur to SemiPro with a jump of 19 feet, 11 inches! Jessie made her way out of Grandma's hands a couple times and headed straight for the dock, she loves the water and is totally in a zone up there. Grandma and Jessie did a great job, even with the heat! You can go to You Tube and search Jessie Dock Diving for 2 short videos from Saturday! Since Jessie jumped out of the finals by jumping into the next level of competition we were on our way out to see her, but she was not in the finals. So we were more than halfway there and decided to stay out at RiverFest and have some dinner and walk around. Of course that meant the kids first hand at some fun rides!

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