Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The kids are now starting their second week of summer vacation! The last week on Thursday was an all school picnic, and while I was chasing after both kids playing with their classmates, visiting with their friends' moms, and teachers I got one pic of Jill with her Johnny. Johnny's mom was taking a picture of them when I was wondering where she ran off to. I had taking Joey potty and found the two posing for a picture together with arms around each other. Of course when I went to go snap my picture they stopped, but Mrs. Kurtz one of their teachers was passing by and commented how that picture will be worth a lot in 20-sum years when they are getting married. The two are inseparable and when I ask what she did at school she'll tell me she "played with my Johnny." Mrs. Kurtz will testify that the two play very well together and are the biggest goofs! Memorial Day was the midpoint between Uncle Chris' 40th birthday and Daddy's birthday. Our patio was done so we hosted the birthday gathering...of course our patio furniture was not going to be delivered until Tuesday though! But we made due and the kids had a blast in the blow up pool, Uncle Chris had Christy pulling him with a string on the hammock to rock him, and the weather was great! Happy Birthday boys!

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