Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Update...

Jillian was asked to be the flower girl for Auntie Trisha (her Godmother) and Uncle Alex's wedding this October. Jillian had an afternoon with the bride to be, a few of the bridesmaids, and Auntie Pam trying on dresses, getting fitted, and going for a yummy lunch. Jill was in absolute heaven having a girls day and loved all the dresses and attention she was getting. I don't want to show the dresses, you'll have to wait til the wedding day, but here is one with her just holding some flowers while waiting, and the lady at the store put a veil on her head. She had a blast!

Saturday night we went to see our neighbor Nic play Prince Charming in Cinderella! It was Joey and Jill's first play to watch and they both really liked it. Joey had fun munching on snacks in the bleachers and would ask where Nic was every two seconds until he finally came out (which was only like 2 scenes). Joey was super excited to see him and could spot him as he walked on stage every time. Jillian loved the play as well and was ecstatic to hang out with the girls, Aubrie was so nice to let Jill sit with her and her friend during the play and Jillian absolutely loves hanging with the girls. After the play Jillian was sure to plant a kiss on the cheek of Prince Charming! Great job Nic!

Friday we got the snow that everyone was talking about, and Joey couldn't wait to go and play in it! Joey loved rolling around and pulling the sled around. Jill was happier with the slide in the snow. But Aunt Beth, Joey and Josh's NICU Auntie, came over and brought a cool pop-up Princess house and tunnel! Thank you for the cool house and the fun games too!

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Christy said...

Jill has never looked so much like you Sandy than in those pictures.