Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just for Laughs

So this 10 minutes ago I was talking to a friend over e-mail and was telling her about the dance parties we have in our kitchen pretty much every morning and/or evening. We usually have music playing for most meals and the kids love to cut a rug with us in the kitchen while I cook or we clean up. So, I was reminded of Joey's awesome moves from a while back that we caught on tape...April 2010 which means we have some videotaping to do!

Tik Tok Dancin' from Phillip Kurby on Vimeo.

And then of course Vimeo pulled up old videos so I had to look at almost all of the ones we have blogged and just like I can't get through Joey's dancing without laughing out loud, I can't watch Josh's smile on Christmas morning (frothy nose and all!) without smiling back. Enjoy!

Josh Smiling on Chrismas from Phillip Kurby on Vimeo.


Crystal M. said...

Love the dancing the bubble coming out of Josh's nose!!

Christy said...

It was nice to hear the sound to the video of Josh-I only see the images through the one with music! So cute!