Sunday, August 15, 2010

The flood...

The weekend of the 25th we were surprised to find our basement flooded. Since we are a few weeks out now I can be light in talking about it, but we were definitely not expecting to see the water in our basement since we've had worse rain and hadn't flooded before. Our sump and battery back up went out so we were in operation cleanup. As we were throwing cut up carpeting out well windows our neighbors realized what had happened and came right in to help. We are so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors. They came with fans, squeegies, helping hands, and even took Joey back to their pool to keep him out of our way! Thank you so much to all of our neighbors for helping us out in so many ways! We really shouldn't complain, we think we only got a few inches, and the other side of town was hit really hard. We were also able to turn the night into a get together with great friends/neighbors/family.
(Dominic has some much better pictures that he put together and e-mailed me, but I haven't figured out how to put it up here yet. Maybe Phil will help me with that--hint, hint)

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