Sunday, August 15, 2010

2nd Annual Charge for CHARGE 5K!

Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Charge for CHARGE 5K and for what threatened to be a rainy day was an absolutely perfect morning. I was up and out putting signs along the course at 5am with a sprinkle of rain here and there, asking Josh to pull some strings up there. After heading back to the pavilion to settle some stuff, others from their cars and home, we all were amazed with the double rainbow in the sky. I couldn't stop taking pictures and couldn't show how the rainbows were perfectly framing the pavilion where the race registration was.
As volunteers arrived everyone was talking about the rainbows that they saw, the family of deer, 2 snapping turtles, it was just a perfect start to the day for everyone. We all felt Josh's presence and had smiles on our faces.

The rest of the race went well. We had a glitch or two with our race timing company which delayed our awards adn raffle ceremony, but otherwise we were very happy with the day's event. We had 2 t-shirts this year white was the official race shirt with the proper year (2nd Annual). The blue shirts were misprinted but the color that I had wanted. Unfortunately the printer had put Inaugural on those shirts, so our volunteers wore those for the day. Thank you to all of our volunteers that helped out, and many who have done so for 2 years now! Without you we could not do this at all! And thank you to Beth for always helping us...this year just like last she took Joey on the walk so that we wouldn't have to worry about him during the race. She also had Andrew and is always so good with them. Thank you!

Our first place finisher, Jesse Owens did a great job with a finishing time of 17:38. It was wonderful to see so many people come together to help us raise money for the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation. We had 5 states repreesnted: Illinois (of course), Ohio, Michigan, New York, and Washington. Thank you to everyone that came out and made it a wonderful day. I will post the total amount raised as well as more pictures (although there are a lot here) very soon. All money will be forwarded to the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation in memory of Joshua and can be viewed on his Charge for CHARGE web page, which I will have the link up again in the next day or so.

Again, thank you to everyone and we hope to see you next year!


Crystal M. said...

Sorry we did not make it this year but we will be there next I promise!!!! See you on Saturday!!

Christy said...

You did an awesome job-race time people or not!

Nonna and Grampa said...

What a great are amazing, it was a perfect 5K, no matter what the glitches, it was perfect. I am proud to have been part of it.