Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Joshua's Journeys- #34 Godparents

Josh had some of the greatest Godparents a child could ever have. Before he was even born Chris and Trisha were asked to be Godparents of Baby A (the baby that would be delivered first). They excitedly accepted and were there for me for the whole pregnancy...13 weeks of bed rest and all! Once Josh arrived they both were anxiously waiting to meet him and Joey. We told them that Josh had some abnormalities (this was before the CHARGE diagnosis) and they did not care one bit. They came to the NICU so happy and with so much love ready to share. At this point in time they could not hold him yet, but you could see the love pouring out as they stared at him in his isolette. They both made it on short notice to the NICU for him to be baptized before his first surgery. It was just Josh's parents and Godparents, but a very special moment for all of us. Josh gave knowing looks that it was a special day, and Auntie Trish had made a gorgeous baptismal bib to place over him which we kept in the NICU for him to see.

Once the day came that they were able to hold him, Josh knew that his Godparents were special. Josh was very comfortable in their arms and did so well with them. Trish took trips in from MI to see him, Chris dressed up for Santa so he wouldn't risk getting sick, and they both checked in on him with all of his surgeries and procedures.

I will never forget the morning that Josh passed away. In the very early morning hour, Chris was one of the intimate few that was called and came to the hospital. I will never forget the conversation I had with Trisha, all it took was for me to say hello and she said that my mom had called her in the middle of the night and she told her to sit down, and Trisha told me "I just knew."

Chris and Trisha both made sacrifices to be at Josh's services. Trisha had finals, and Chris had a big tournament. They had a very difficult job at the services of bringin the gifts up at church during the funeral mass, and being the pallbearers bringing Josh to his final resting place. I know it is something that neither of them would ever want to do again, but did so without hesitation because of the bond they had with Josh. From before he was born and to this day, well after his passing, he has been loved by his Godparents. Thank you for all the love you have given Josh, and know that he is still there with you.

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Crystal M. said...

Ok you made me cry!!! What beautiful words for 2 beautiful people!!
Crystal and Eva