Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy First Birthday!

It is amazing that one year has gone by. Many people say that the first year goes quickly and is a blur. There are so many moments and memories we have of this first year that will never be forgotten. This past week Joey has decided to take his first few steps on his own and we continue to grow in amazement at all that he does. We also celebrate Joshua's time with us and take comfort in knowing that he is in Jesus' arms. Talk about pride, Joshua made our hearts grow with pride with every milestone he hit and allows us to celebrate all the Joey's does that much more. We are so thankful for all that we have been given. Twins truly are a double blessing.

Happy Birthday Joshua and Joseph!
Here are some of our very first moments meeting Joshua and Joseph in the NICU.

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Eva Nichole said...

Happy Birthday!!
It was great see you all on friday, hope you had a nice weekend.
crystal and Eva