Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. It is amazing to think we've been married that long. I remember when we were engaged (for 2 years, 1 month, and 10 days- but who was counting!) and all of our friends were getting engaged and married in the long time we were engaged. It seemed like forever before we'd start our lives as husband and wife. We had our 2 bedroom townhouse that suited us well, although you couldn't fit more than 2 or 3 around the kitchen table. We decided at one point to go house shopping. Of course we saw the house that we both fell in love with right away, but it was way out of our range. We looked at 49 others (I still have the spreadsheet of all the addresses!) and nothing caught our eye like the first one. So we sat down and worked out a budget. We figured out how we could afford the house, the bills, and in what time frame we might be able to make it possible. I was always the more reserved one when it came to spending, so I was in shock the day before closing when Phil sat down in the chair put his head in his hands and said "What are we doing? I don't know how we're going to afford this." This was the time when I was actually excited, ready to move, and confident everything would work out. I had gotten many pep talks from Phil telling me we could do this, so for him to freak out was scary. But I of course told him the same things he had said to me-- we were a team, we could and would do it, and if not we could find a nice box to live in somewhere together. All that mattered was we would have each other. It was just the one of the first examples of the way we tick. When one of us is down, the other is up, and vice verse.

We have been a team from the very beginning. For those that knew us in our dating years, we were practically inseparable. We have our differences, but they compliment each other so well. Phil lets me laugh and dream as much as I can. He is always there to encourage me, even though he knows when I come up with an idea I will act on it. (I will try not to schedule the 2nd Annual Joshua Kurby Charge for CHARGE on our anniversary weekend!) I can truly say I wouldn't want to pick out and raise a puppy, run with anyone else biking next to me, go through trials of trying to start a family, be put on bed rest, be in complete disbelief of a delivery, cry when our children are born, cry when one passes, and wonder about the future ahead. It has been the craziest 5 years of my life, but I have lived so much and have so many wonderful memories because of it all.

Thank you for always being there, knowing when not to be there, and letting me take it out on you anyways! You are my rock, my best friend, and my soul mate for life!
I love you, happy anniversary!

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Eva Nichole said...

Happy Anniversary to one of the greatest couples I know. You are two of the most AMAZING people I have ever met. I wish I would have met you before Josh passed but it was what God had in mind.
I hope you can do something special together even after the walk.
Crystal and Eva