Monday, December 9, 2013

Catching up, a season's worth of pictures!

So I am finally starting to catch up on things. I figured before Christmas and Jillian's birthday I better get back to the blog or I will be in too deep! Grab a hot chocolate, coffee or whatever you'd like, but this will take a while. So without further ado, here is the fall in pictures! September 2013: Medieval Times, Uncle Wally's big birthday, 1st day of school, Jessie Dock Diving, apple picking, Joey's first "marathon" (ran many times over the summer to train to finish the last mile of a 26.2 program), painting our dining room, NICU reunion party. October 2013: Goeberts farm, Joey and Andrew's 1 mile S'mores run, GG Joe's 92 birthday, Sonny Acres, Pumpkin carving with Grandpa, Jill's Halloween parade at school, Halloween. November 2013-Dec. 8: Joey earned a stripe on his karate belt, circus, Joey is now in Alpha 1 hockey, putting up the Christmas tree, Joey's new hat (1 of 2 from Auntie Miya!), Jillian got her ears pierced with her Godmother Auntie Trish, Thanksgiving, Tree lighting with the Soles, library open house where they had lots for the kids to do and I was able to check out one of the books that our great friends donated in memory and honor of Josh! I can't begin to tell how thoughtful, sincere, and how lucky I am to have Miya and Mark as our friends/family.

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