Saturday, November 2, 2013

I know, long overdue. Yes, things are busy, but really do you know how much had been going on in Josh's life at this time? Baptism, surgeries, learning trach care, figuring out life with twins... these months remind me of so much. Josh and Joey both had a blessing in the NICU and before Josh's first surgery, he was baptized. I am so grateful we did that. I was torn on waiting until he left the hospital even though I knew it wouldn't be at the time of Joey's baptism, or doing it in the NICU. Auntie Trish and Uncle Chris came to the NICU, Auntie Trish was in school at the time but came home for the occasion, and the small and personal baptism with Father Tony was like nothing I have ever or will ever experience again. I can replay some his words verbatim. It was a powerful and perfect ceremony. Joey's baptism anniversary was at the end of October, and Josh's homecoming was this first week of November. After 126 days in the NICU he breathed his first breath of outside air, traveled in a car for the first time, met Java, saw his room, his crib, and slept the night with his family under the same roof. It would only be a couple of weeks before he'd need his shunt revision but these days were a glimpse of what it is supposed to be. Even after his shunt revision, which was an adventure all in itself with Phil out of town for work and the stress of an emergency type surgery where Josh would be in the PICU (big boy status-once you leave the NICU you don't return!) for a little over a week, we weren't sure if we'd be home for Thanksgiving. Josh had just returned home at Thanksgiving time, and this time for a much longer time. It was definitely a season of celebrating family, friends, love, and life. Josh's biggest giggles on Christmas morning still can bring tears to my eyes. So many wonderful memories of what my family was, what I wish it could be now, and the blessing I do have today. So for now, yes a post is long overdue, I will get to it, I am dealing with many emotions and memories but will snap back and share the fun we are having today. Josh is still a daily part of our lives, Joey and Jillian talk about him often and are still learning how wonderful their big brother is.

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