Sunday, February 17, 2013

Catching up in pictures

Some exciting news is that Joey is going to be in Uncle Kevin and Auntie Nicole's wedding today! So before we get snap happy with pictures tonight I thought I should put some of the pictures from the last month or so of things we have been doing. Many post Christmas exchanges and gatherings. Here are some with the Miklautsch family and the Wayman family. A while back I started a fancy dinner night for our family: candles lit and china dishes out. This particular night we even added sparkling grape juice for the kids, but neither of them liked it. Oh well, it was leftover from the holidays but I guess that's why we still had it-no one else wanted to drink it either! Joey and Jillian both earned their allowance and decided they wanted to use their money to buy some crafts so a week or so back we had a craft day. And here are some pictures of Joey and the rest of the wedding party at the rehearsal. Joey got his own 99 Riches hat and shirt with is name on it (Uncle Kevin's side job clothing line for "No Wasted Talent"). Joey is quite excited for today! Can't wait for the wedding!

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