Friday, November 4, 2011

Joshua's Journeys #63 My Christmas Wish

Phil and I have spoken in the past about how many pictures we have of Josh...I often say that on the blog when I do a Joshua's Journeys I now feel like I am repeating pictures. I think Phil and I did a great job taking as many pictures as we could of our time with Josh and Joey. I even took a picture of him stripped down in the doctors office showing the red line on his chest, knowing other doctors would be questioning what it looked like. I remember the neuros at Children's being impressed that I had the camera and the picture with me to show the line when it was almost a week after the fact and that line had gone done and they were trying to figure out what it was like before. Anyways, to come back from that tangent, I love and live for pictures of Josh...remembering the good and the bad of whatever was happening on that particular day or in that particular moment. I know I feel I have cached out pictures that we have but notice you each have pictures that I don't and from different perspectives. Of course there is no way to get my first born back, but I would love nothing more than to sift through pictures and reminisce about those times. So for Christmas this year I am not asking for something you can go out and buy... I am asking for a bit of your time. Please look through your pictures from July 3, 2008- March 14, 2009 and any pictures you have of Joshua I would love to have. I can supply you with a USB to make things easier on both ends--for you to just load your pictures and for me to be able to put them on my computer.


Crystal M. said...

That is a wonderful Christmas gift I wish I met Josh sooner and had some pics for you!! I am sure your close friends and family will have many for you.
God Bless you all,
Crystal, Eva and family

ellen charge said...

if i had any pics i would send them with my xmas card but since i dotn ull jsut get an xmas card LLOL i do wish i could of met him in orlando tho and taken pics with him n me like we got one of me n u i got a pic with a few chargers i have one on fb that corki took of me and her girls and theres one of me with a few others of course one with me and eva few took me and eva deanna did a me and eva pic in orlando to LOL love u