Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Party Emma!

Emma, my niece and goddaughter turns 1 on Sunday, however her grandparents were in this past week and her mommy was on spring break, so the party was this past Sunday. I had the horrific honor of making her smash cake, which didn't turn out as my mind had pictured, but Emma still seemed to enjoy it. I think she really liked the fact that I had so many mistakes in the process that there was almost an inch of icing on her cake! Her party theme was music and dancing, so I made a music not (yes I have to tell you in case you don't get it from the pictures because I am not very artistic). I put the music note on sheet music of "Happy Birthday." Happy Birthday party Emma, more pics of her real birthday to come after Sunday!

Here is her big, happy first birthday party...

And a few random pics of Joey and Jillian, mostly of Joey being a goof. He demanded the other night that it was too bright at 8:15 pm so he needed his sunglasses on to watch "a little Mickey before bed."


Crystal M. said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!!

Nonna and Grampa said...

Happy First Birthday Emma!