Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving, Tree Lighting, and Winter Fun!

Yes, again very behind in updating. Joey is doing much, much better now, and ready for Christmas! Thanksgiving was a lot of fun at Nonna and Grandpa's. Jillian enjoyed her first Thanksgiving feast, trying absolutely everything, and both Jillian and Joey had a blast with Uncle Kevin, Uncle Mikey, Auntie Steph, Uncle Don, and Nonna and Grandpa. We can't wait for Christmas Eve to continue the festivities!

The day after Thanksgiving we headed to town center to see the tree lighting ceremony. When we pulled into our parking spot we were surprised to see our neighbors in the spot directly in front of us! So Jillian was cuddled and loved up by Aubrie, Mr. and Mrs. Sole, while Joey kinda stayed with Joey to watch Santa arrive on the firetruck to light the Christmas tree and then head into a heated tent (thank goodness for that, it was cold and windy!) and we were able to sit with Santa and Joey told him not once, but twice what he wanted for Christmas...a "choo choo table!" Thanks Aubrie, Dominic, Nicolas, Gigi, Mr. and Mrs. Sole for hanging out with us, and Mr. and Mrs. Sole for coming over for a little while afterwards, we really enjoyed your company!

Since it has been so cold outside on Saturday (11/27) we met up with Grandma, Auntie Christy, Uncle Chris, Andrew, and Emma at Chuck E Cheese's for some inside fun and games! Joey loved playing all the games, especially the car racing games. He also like climbing and playing on the free stuff which is always a bonus! Jillian fell in love with the little Merry Go Round, and would look at herself in the mirror next to her, kick her legs, and hold on to the pole while her horsey went in circles...too cute.

The following day we had our first Christmas celebration. We usually don't get together with my dad's side of the family sometimes until February, so this year we decided to aim for a pre-Christmas celebration! Joey and Andrew had a ton of fun running around Grandma's house telling everyone "monsters were chasing them!" Jillian played really well with Uncle Wayne, and we all enjoyed each other's company. Jillian got her first tea set, which Joey and Jillian love to play with, Joey also loves his car. Thank you for all the great gifts, and more importantly great company!

Finally, we have been keeping warm and in the holiday spirit. Joey has made some ornaments, baked some cookies, and enjoyed the first snowfall! He again is a great helper when it comes to shoveling, and his snow suit is nice and warm...he has a hard time coming back in when he is out in the snow! He loves throwing snowballs at Java, and trampling the snowman that Mommy was starting to make!


Nonna and Grampa said...
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Nonna and Grampa said...

Thanksgiving was so much fun. It was so relaxed and full of laughter. Now comes Christmas--can't wait!! Its so sweet that Joey loves playing in the snow. The first real snow of the season is always so pretty.

Crystal M. said...

Looks like lovely and looks like a nice time. I love how you all get out of the house so offen or just have family time at someones house. I wish I had a bigger family and we were closer.

Crystal M. said...

PS Sadly if you sent balloons we missed them, we were at the hospital til 4pm yesterday and got no deliveries. Sorry about that!!! But not sorry we got to come home....LOL
Oh and as right now we WILL be at Jillian's birthday party, can you email me her size and what she likes/wants.

Abby Lynn said...

Hi Sandy...
Hugs to you and I'm so glad to be able to talk to you again.Our hearts are healing..slowly.Saturday was Abby's birthday...spent it quietly, and with my husband.The kids are growing so quick.take care, thinking of you.