Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Joshua's Journeys #46 Christmas Trees In Heaven

Christmas Trees In Heaven
I began to string the tinsel across the branches of the tree,
And remembered the Christmas when you were here with me.
Are there Christmas trees in Heaven? I really need to know.
Does an angel sit atop the tree and is there any snow?
The house just seems so quiet, Christmas music brings me tears,
But I know that you're in heaven as these days turn into years.
One day we will be together, it was always meant to be,
Together up in heaven, for all eternity.

I came across this poem in looking for a Christmas gift for someone, and wanted to share it. Josh, wishing you were spending Christmas here, but can't imagine how wonderful the birthday party must be up there with Jesus.


Nonna and Grampa said...

What perfect beautiful words. The trip to Cosley zoo was so wonderful, it's so amazing to see the wonder of the season thru Joey and Jillian's eyes. Thank you for inviting us to enjoy the magic with you.

Christy said...

While it is turning into years, Josh continues to be in our hearts and minds every day. Whether it is Andrew sending him balloons, or in Andrew and Emma's prayers every night, he is missed and loved. Josh, celebrate with our Mary this year and show her the beauty of trees, lights, and Christmas in heaven. Until we meet again, take care of each other and watch over us as you always do.

Crystal M. said...

(((HUGS))) Perfect words for a perfect angel!!

Abby Lynn said...

That is so beautiful. Josh is playing with Abby so much...I think of him being there with her.That poem is moving, i hope u dont mind i saved it for abby's book.