Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vacation pics, updates, and CS Fire Station Open House

So I have been purposefully negligent in updating the blog. I just loved Phil's post and all the videos of Josh and didn't want something else to be on the screen when I first look at the blog. Anyways we have been fairly busy. Mid September we went on our first family vacation to Door County for a long weekend. It was a fun time, although the weather was a little on the chilly side. Joey loved being by the water, Jillian enjoyed the outdoors, and we all thought the cabin was perfect for our first vacation. Joey slept in a big queen bed, and Jillian had other plans. She refused to sleep in the Pack and Play and insisted on sleeping with Mommy on the couch (Daddy did take one night too). We were worried that she would be spoiled and insist on the same treatment once we got home, but she must've known we were on vacation and went back to her regular sleeping patterns when we got home, as did Joey who did not nap at all when we were on vacation! We had a fire pit outside of our cabin so we could have fires and make S'mores. We went to the beach one day, although it was quite cold Joey took his shoes off and ran towards the water! We also spent some time in Sturgeon Bay at the Maritime museum and Joey went on a tugboat! Joey and Jillian enjoyed walking around the towns of Door County and were so well behaved when we were out and about and at restaurants. They definitely seemed to have a fun time. It was a perfect getaway for us, and at a good time for us as well.

Jillian turned 9 months Sept. 30! I can't believe how time is flying! She is doing so well and seems to be growing up so fast. Jillian refuses to be fed by anyone and will only eat table food. No more baby food for her! She definitely puts Joey to shame at the dinner table, but we knew that would be the case early on! Watch out Nathan and Juliette: Jillian has her 9 month appointment next Tuesday so we will see how her "healthy" stats compare! Jillian loves her walking stroller and will stroll her doll around the house by herself (stopping to clap for herself, pick something up, or adjust her baby doll). She likes holding your hand (usually just one) to walk around and has taken 2 steps all on her own! She will most likely skip crawling all together, as she throws a little fit when she is put on her tummy. She will roll over and find a way to squat and then pull herself up and walk. She definitely prefers being upright! Jillian has become quite vocal as well. She will say Mama, Dada, ni-ni (for night-night), no no, yeah, cat (because of a toy), dog, and has attempted ball. Of course she also does the Lala, Gaga stuff as well. She loves hearing songs and will clap at the end of a song, or if a song involves clapping she will join in with you. She lifts her arms over her head (like "so big") when we say "Amen!" and will wave hello and goodbye (especially at her reflection in the mirror!). She enjoys peek-a-boo and also ripping off her bib and teasing you with it, as well as smashing her sippy cup on Cheerios or flipping the plate on the floor. Which also leads to her joy of feeding Java!

Joey has been doing really well too. He enjoys giving his sister hugs and kisses, but is also not afraid of taking toys or claiming which are his. He cracks us up with his witty comments and we sometimes wonder where he even picks up some of his hysterical phrases. The other day I was changing out pictures in our frames and he pointed to one and said "that's Jillian, me, Andrew and Emma picking apples, waiting for the tractor." He pointed to the other one and said "me and Andrew with our firehats." The third one he asked who was in the picture. I told him it was him and his brother Josh. He responded with "Where is my brother? Where is Josh?" It put a smile on my face to have my first conversation with Joey about Joshua, and know there will be many challenging, heartbreaking, and also joyful times in explaining that Joey is a twin. I want to keep this post very light, but will probably revisit this at a later time. At any rate, it shows Joey's curiosity and Joey is always asking "why" these days. I respond with "because..." which is usually followed by another "why?". After a few of these back and forths Joey responds "Why because?". So I am now consciously trying to answer without saying "because..." I am really enjoying his energy, curiosity, and ways that he constantly amazes me!

Finally, today we went to the Carol Stream Fire Station for their open house. They had a lot of activities for the kids to do including a big bouncy slide (which neither Joey or Andrew cared for), a firefighter's obstacle course, mats to stop, drop, and roll on, all the gear to try on, firetrucks and ambulances to go in, we watched a helicopter land, balloons, and refreshements. Joey was a bit more shy than Andrew, and both seemed to like the popcorn the best! If you ask Joey what town he lives in he responds "Carol Stream Fire Station." In my attempt to teach him the town he lives in I always tell him as we are driving by the fire station that the Carol Stream Fire Station is his town's fire station, so I think he thinks he lives in the Carol Stream Fire Station! At least he has a bit of a clue!


Christy said...

Joey and Jill and getting sooo big!! has been a busy start of fall with more to come! I know you and Phil will find the right words for Joey when time comes. I've had to find simple ones as well when Andrew and I visit Josh but I know the tough questions are lurking in not too long.

Nonna and Grampa said...

Enjoying family and building memories, that's what its all about. Adorable pictures full of love. Love you all.

Crystal M. said...

Looks like you all are having great family times together, I hope ours come soon and we can get out of the house. I am just waiting for the colder weather to use all my freebies.
Crystal and Eva