Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Stats

So Jillian went in for her 9 month appointment today, here are her stats:
Weight: 19 pounds, 12 ounces 66%ile
Height: 28.75 inches at the 86%ile
She is very tall and starting to thin out a little bit.
Yesterday Jillian hit a big milestone and walked 5 steps on her own, repeatedly! She is doing amazing in terms of walking. I asked our doctor if there was any concern of her not crawling at all, but he said she was doing remarkably well. He enjoyed her babbling, she fought to get out of my arms and walk around, and the nurses laughed at the fact that she clapped for them after her shots. They each took a leg and gave her a shot at the same time, Jillian barely let out a whine, and then started clapping. It was really funny.

On the total flip side...Joey and I also were there for our flu shots. Joey had fallen asleep in the stroller while we were waiting to get in (which really wasn't all that long, it was just after lunch so he was a little sleepy). He stayed sound asleep for Jillian's appointment even with me leaving the room to get her weighed which worked out really well. The nurse even did his vitals for his shot with him sound asleep. The very unfortunate part was that he woke up just before they were going to do the shot on anyone and Joey was confused as to why I was giving Jillian her bottle in her diaper in a strange room. So he got very upset and very worked up. For those of you that know my boys, they have hyper gags, and if you upset them they will react with throwing up (at least until Josh got his nissen)! So Joey performed all too well and trashed his clothes, the blanket I brought with for Jillian, and hit his shoes and the stroller. I was lucky in the sense that I wasn't holding him, and he was in the stroller so he got it all. Luckily I had an extra set of clothes (what I call my dunce outfit for whichever one ruins theirs), and I just threw all of his clothes away. It was quite a scene! For the kid that didn't have the appointment he sure had the anxiety. So much for the pep talk on telling him to be the supportive big brother and tell his sister that it'll be okay!


Christy said...

Man, I thought playing Dr. by my house would have helped Joey little, too! Jillian continues to be the monster that she is-taking shots like a pro, walking well before her time! Fun times!!

Nonna and Grampa said...

Jillian is a little toughy, like her brother Josh. Grampa thinks she'll be full fledged walking very soon. It sure looks it. Taking little ones to the doctor is always interesting!

Crystal M. said...

OMGosh Jillian you are only 7 pounds away from Eva and she is going to be 6....LOL!