Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Catching Up

Well, Jillian is now 5 months and doing great! She is now an independent sitter, when place on her tummy she will swim in place like she wants to crawl but can't pick her trunk up to do so. Joey did the same sort of thing, and never was big on rocking or scooting, but just one day started crawling. Jillian really likes standing and can hold onto something and stay up on her own for a little while. She still loves eating veggies, fruits, cereals, you name it! We haven't found anything she didn't like yet!

Joey has had a rough week of teething. He has gotten all of his teeth out of order. So he is finishing his mouthful with his incisors or the fangs and boy are they hard on him! He did take some time this weekend to play some ball and help Mommy dig do some landscaping and set our garden up. He has been totally out of sorts for most of the week, but we are hoping he is feeling better by the weekend.


Christy said...

Poor guy...remember he is in pain-not a pain!!

Nonna and Grampa said...

Jillian is growing so fast, she looks beautiful in green. Joey is such a cute little dude in his sunglasses. Too bad he has to go thru such a hard time with his teeth.

Crystal M. said...

Poor Joey I hope he is feeling better soon. They are growing up so fast.