Friday, May 21, 2010

Veggie Tales

Tuesday 5/18 was Jillian's first taste of vegetables...carrots! I have decided to make her food for her instead of buying baby food. It is more economical and much healthier. So far it seems to have worked out well! She really enjoyed her carrots. Joey even wanted to try them so I let him get his spoon and take a bite. While he does like cooked carrots, he did not seem to like the pureed form, or maybe was just really surprised. He took a spoonful of "Baby's food" and put it in his mouth. Then he looked at the spoon, looked up at me, made a horrible face, and said "Mommy's turn" took my hand and spit it all out in my hand! He then wanted to try some of her rice which he calls "Baby's hummus" and got a very similar reaction. I had thought when I started making Jillian real foods maybe Joey would take an interest and want to eat it too, but I think he's learned his lesson that his food is much better! Jillian seemed to enjoy the carrots though, and has been so fun to feed. She lets you put the food on the spoon, but right away wants to take the spoon from you and pull it to her mouth on her own...little Miss Independent! Today we moved on to peas and she seemed to take to that pretty well too. She has been really enjoying solid foods--eating and playing!

Every morning we do our exercises. Joey will either lay next to Jillian or stand and lift his arms and legs and count with me or sing the abc's while we bicycle our legs. Yesterday when I said it was time for exercises he went over to Jillian and decided to be the exercise instructor lifting her legs and counting like I usually do. And like a good instructor he tried to share some milk to rehydrate afterwards too.

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Ha! I swear I've seen Phil make that same face. Hilarious.