Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

We had a low key, but fun mother's day. We had brunch at the country club that Uncle Chris works so we were well fed, and the boys went on the golf carts for a ride. We walked around a little bit and got some cute pictures by the fountain.

Later, I brought some flowers over to Assumption (the cemetery) and spent some time there. Unless I am running at the cemetery (which I have found to be a very peaceful and concentrated place to run), I spend all my time at our grave site. However, on Mother's Day I decided to wander over towards the area where most babies and young children are buried. Maybe it was a newfound maternal instinct, one of a bereaved mother, but I felt the need to take the time to appreciate the lives of all the children there, and the families they have left behind. Josh has sent me on quite a journey, but I appreciate all that he has taught me, and look forward to many more experiences he has in store for me.

I came home to Joey napping, and was able to find Phil playing with Jillian. Jillian gave me a great mother's day gift by laughing her first big belly laugh! She laughed over and over, and we were actually able to capture it on video. Like Josh, Jillian waited until Joey was napping to give her first laugh. They both wanted our undivided attention, and had the same leg kicking, eyebrow lifting giggle going on. It was so cute, and definitely made my day! (I'll have to see if Phil can get the video posted for you to see!)


Christy said...

Mother's Day was very nice. What a great day to get a belly laugh from Jillian. Why is it I always think I see pictures of Josh I have never seen before?!

Abby Lynn said...

I do think of you too..and I do feel some comfort little Abby is playing with Josh. Mothers Day shouldnt have to hurt..I know in time it'll go away.But that empty spot may never be replaced.Thank you for the toys for Josh, and Abby...not saying she's sharing them..lol. Take care of yourself.
Friends, Carrie~