Monday, March 1, 2010

Jillian is 2 months!

Jillian had her 2 month checkup today. It is hard to believe she has been here for 2 months already! She did really well at the doctor. I kept telling Joey that he had to tell her that it would be ok, and help calm her down with her shots, but Jillian was all smiles and giggles in the office and Joey was the one clinging to me and crying. I guess Jillian will learn soon enough to be scared, but even though I never even took Joey's coat off he did not want to make eye contact with anyone there, even when he got a train sticker from the doctor. Jillian is now 12 pounds, 1 ounce putting her in the 81 %ile for weight, and for 22 5/8 inches for 60%ile for height. The doctor said she is a perfect picture of health and we make a great team in terms of her feeding!

Walking into the office we are always greeted by first names, the receptionist, doctor, and many nurses know us well from Josh and Joey being there monthly since they were preemies, and Josh more frequently because of other concerns. Our pediatrician even came to Josh's wake, and asks how we are doing as a family and acknowledges Josh each time we come in. We had many visitors in our room today because they all had been involved with Josh's care, have seen Joey several times, and were very happy and excited to meet Jillian. Jillian had a great experience at the doctor's office today, and only cried (as expected) when she got her shots. We hope she is still all smiles next time we go!
(Here are just a few pictures from last month, we do have some more recent ones but they need to be loaded on the computer first.)


Crystal M. said...

She is so adorable and getting so big. I cannot wait to meet her.
Crystal and Eva

Christy said...

Very cute...need more pictures!!

MoDLin said...

Glad to read that Jillian's doctor visit went so well. She is growing beautifully. (And, BTW, these pictures are adorable!)