Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Joey!

Hard to believe but our little man turned 5 on July 3! We celebrated in the morning, I brought home some donuts in the morning per request of the birthday boy and we gave him his gift. In the evening we went to Pilot Pete's aka the airplane restaurant with Grandma, Auntie, Uncle Chris, Andrew, and Emma. Joey got some gifts from everyone as well as a birthday song and cake that most everyone but him ate! The next day was the Fourth of July! We went to the parade to watch Gigi doing her gymnastics down the street and Andrew doing some karate moves. I have pics on my phone, and will have to load those up later, but everyone did great--even Auntie and Mrs. Sole who were marching with their stars. Mr. Sole was so kind as to haul the kids in that wagon up the hill to and from the parade. Thank you! The day was warming up quite a bit, just in time for the kids to play in the little pool at Joey's party! Joey had a great birthday, lots of smiles and laughs. Thank you everyone for helping him celebrate!