Monday, April 23, 2012

April Updates

Ok, I know I have been extremely lazy with blogging this month. Time is flying by! Here is our update for most of this month. As we head into the warmer weather I hope to be more diligent about posting again! Rainbow Toast Did you ever make rainbow toast? I remember doing this in Kindergarten and wanted to share the experience with my kids. Joey enjoyed making the toast, but he is not big on eating toast. Phil claims its because of the double fiber bread I buy, but I think he's just not a toast guy. A little Java love... Joey's Un-birthday Joey had his un-birthday at school earlier this month. Since his birthday is in the summer we kept getting notices to celebrate before the year was over. I first thought of not doing it at all, but am so glad we did. Joey knew it wasn't his real birthday but was very happy to bring in treats for the class. He is not big on cake, but loves chocolate chip cookies and chocolate. So that was what we brought in. We also had to fill out a sheet of all of Joey's answers to the things he likes. Hopefully you can read it from the picture, they were all Joey responses. He needed to bring in a book to share and he loves when I read Puff the Magic Dragon (hard to read and not sing!). Joey was presented with a birthday crown in front of his whole class and had to add 4 candles to his birthday cake. I thought being the center of attention he'd be very shy and not want to be up there but I sat on the carpet behind all the kids and he looked over to me so proud and happy to be up there. They read and asked him about his favorite things and he replied with all the same answers (so I really didn't lie!) and they asked if he wanted to tell his friends what treat he brought or if he wanted to keep it a secret. He wanted to keep it a secret, and then ran over to me to tell me how we had a secret surprise for his friends. Turns out I think the class was cupcaked out from the other birthdays because unprompted at snack time most all of his classmates said "thanks Joey!" or "I love this Joey!" He sat in his chair with a huge smile on his face and nodded at the gratitude and you could tell he was so happy. It nearly made me cry and I was so glad we did celebrate his un-birthday! Easter Easter was spent going to Grandma's church and the church that Phil and I got married at, with the mass said by the priest who christened and helped lay to rest Joshua, Father Tony. It was so great to hear his mass as always, and especially at Easter when the readings so perfectly touch my soul. The opening words of mass "Christ has risen! Christ has risen! Christ has risen!" of course said so powerfully like only Father Tony can say to capture everyone's attention led to tears streaming down my face immediately. I love Easter, the hope, the life, the promise, everything. After mass we headed to Grandma's house to color Easter eggs, have our traditional mimosas, and then make our ravioli. The kids played really well and each stopped to help with the process. At nap time Phil and I went to Assumption and then back to Grandma's for an Easter egg hunt, some gifts, and a yummy dinner! Sadly our camera battery died and we used the video camera for some of the festivities, but only got a few pictures. The glasses Jill and Emma have are 3D glasses for bubbles, we didn't quite see the 3D effects but Jill loved her glasses! And finally some pictures of the purple park, a new par I recently discovered that the kids loved. The parks we visit besides the one behind our house are all colors: red park, blue park, orange park, and now purple park. Yes, the first picture is Joey resting with his crown that he has been wearing constantly around the house and wanted to wear to school again but I told him it wasn't his unbirthday anymore! And Jill's new favorite fruit are mini bananas! Ok, that is it for now, sorry for the delay and I hope to be more on top of it!


Christy said...

Such fun!! We love the "purple park" too!

Crystal M. said...

I think its just that kind of month I just updated as well!!