Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Day of School?

First, forgot to take pictures but had the camera, Wednesday was also Auntie Christy's birthday! They just came home from the WI Dells so we went over for dinner and birthday cake! Happy birthday Auntie Christy!

Last March we had Joey start school a few months early, and he was only there March, April, and May for 1 day a week before summer vacation. In the fall he went back 2 days a week like a regular 3 year old going into preschool, and we called the fall his first official day of school. Joey has been and continues to be more of our homebody, perfectly content to play at home and is most comfortable in this environment. Jillian is the polar opposite, wanting to be out for her dance class paying attention to her teacher and ignoring me (rightfully so), always talking to other kids in bigger settings, and being much more the outgoing one. So, the decision was made that she could also start school one day a week after she turned 2 and was allowed into the 2 year old program.

Joey is usually not thrilled to say the least about going to school, he loves it once he's there, but again the issue of leaving the house is not up his alley. So last week we had gone out to get Jill a new backpack for school, and Joey kept saying now he'd be able to stay, no. Even on Thursday morning he kept saying he didn't want to go, I told him he had to show Jill the routine, even though she is always with me for drop off and pick up, but somehow it all clicked with Joey and once they got their backpacks to head to the car they were both super excited (Jill never had a hesitation to begin with) and Joey showed her how to hang stuff in her cubby, where and how to go potty, wash hands, and since he starts 15 minutes before her, he told his teachers that his sister would be in school today as well. They looked at me with raised eyebrows knowing he usually is complaining at this time asking me to not leave, but I told them that Jill would be across the hall. Joey nodded to them and ran in to go and play, no crying, complaining, nothing! Settling Jill into her cubby I was able to peek into the window of Joey's room and saw him doing very well, not being held by a teacher, not crying, but happily going about his business. He does like school, the first 5 minutes or so though he usually sits with a teacher to read a book for a little extra comfort before he warms up, but not today.

Jillian walked right into her classroom and handed her teacher her Cuddle Bear- a bear she decorated and put a picture of our family on. The teacher asked Jill who was in the picture and Jill pointed out each person included Minnie, to her teacher. She never looked back or said goodbye. I left to go and teach a class, and then had some time to go grocery shopping solo! Upon coming back Jillian's teacher said no one would have ever known she was new or it was her first day. She said she played well and interacted with everyone and has a very clear and broad vocabulary. Jill even told another boy "no" when he took a toy from another boy. I laughed and the teacher said it was good that she helped set the boundaries, I told her she was just a boss! She also played really well laughing very hard according to her teacher with another boy playing with play fish. When I got there I was towards the back of the pick up line, and the teacher said she told Jillian I was there and she wasn't phased one bit. I was chatting with the teacher this whole time and Jillian barely turned to look at me. Once she did notice me, she was saying "Mommy, come on" wanting to show me all the things in the room. I told her we had to get Joey and I actually saw him sitting on the rug in the other room waiting to be dismissed, he saw me and smiled really big. He said he had a very fun day, didn't cry at all, and loved it. We finally got Jill to leave after a hug and goodbye to her new teacher. Mrs. K had Joey for those few months last year so she knows how different they are and was quite amused by their contrasting dispositions, although she said they do act very similar in some ways as well.

Anyways, here are some pics of the school girl getting ready for her day with a yummy breakfast, getting on her coat and back pack, and going to the car. Such a big girl!

On Friday, we went to the Arboretum to meet Auntie Miya, Nathan, and Jacob. It was the last day of the Enchanted Railroad so we wanted to go and see the trains one last time. Joey and Jillian had a lot of fun playing around before heading in to see the trains. Jillian was talking to Nathan and playing around with him, but she is a bit too outgoing at times and I think Nathan thought she was a little too much as she tried to hug him and chase him a bit. She had to go potty and there are no potties in that area, so I took off with her and left Joey with Auntie Miya and Nathan. Bad Mommy didn't tell him I was heading out for a minute so Jill and I came back to a not so happy Joey to say the least! Sorry Joey! Of course that set the stage for a mini meltdown where Joey just wanted to go home, not even to Auntie Miya's for lunch or to play. We hope to get together with them again soon and I won't up and leave him to wonder where we went and ruin the sorry! But we did have fun in the short while we were together!

In the evening it was make your own pizza night where the kids really just wanted to eat cheese out of their bowls.


Christy said...

Such big kids-I can't believe how young we are!!

Crystal M. said...

They are getting so big and growing up way to fast!!!