Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jillian's 15 month check

Today we went in for Jillian's 15 month checkup. Jillian did great. It helped that this past weekend we went to the library for a Teddy Bear Clinic. They read some stories about Teddy Bears and then had a clinic where they had one of the librarians dressed as a doctor and another as a nurse. They asked each kid a few questions about their bears "What's your bear's name? Is he big or small? Do you hear his heartbeat?" Then they gave Teddy the Bear (Joey and Jillian don't really have teddy bears that they have any attachment to, so we used some random teddy bears we had so Joey didn't have a name to say for his bear so the doctor said it was Teddy the Bear) a checklist of the exam, a certificate for Teddy's check up, and a sticker for Joey and a small one for his Teddy. Jillian wasn't quite ready to sit through that exam since it was getting close to lunch time, so we didn't make her.

Speeding back up to today, Jillian did great for her exam. Joey said he would take Jillian to the doctor like he took Teddy and he did really well too. If you remember in the past Joey threw up at Jillian's appointment because he was so terrified! This time Joey did so good talking to Jill, telling her she was doing good, and watching bug eyed as she got her shots. We talked about how Joey will come back in 3 months for her 18 month appointment and his 3 year appointment and show her that you don't have to cry with shots. Jillian did do well. She cried only as long as it took to get her pants back on, and she was very interested in the crayon type band-aids she got. She did fall asleep on the way home, but she did very well at the visit. She was given a clean bill of health and her doctor smiled as he walked in the room and asked her if her middle name was Twinkle Toes because she was dancing around on the table while she was waiting for him. So here are her stats:
Weight: 23 pounds, 6 ounces putting her in the 60 %ile
Height: 31.25 inches, putting her in the 76%ile for height

Here is our little girl sporting her first set of pigtails. Her hair is still a little short for a pony tail, and a lot falls out in her pig tails too, but Daddy was wrapped around her finger a little tighter after he saw her in her piggies!


Christy said...

Yea Jill! You go girl!

Crystal M. said...

Jillian you are getting so big!!!

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Nonna and Grampa said...

That's our beautiful perfect granddaughter