Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Happenings

Ok, so a little late, but better than never. Here is the summary of our Halloween Happenings:
On 10/23 we went to Nonna and Grandpa's in the morning for some blueberry pancakes made by Grandpa, and then we went to Goberts Farm for some fall fun. Joey had a blast feeding all the animals, and even though it was raining (pouring at times) we all had a really fun day. Jillian even got interested in the animals and saw the giraffe! The kids also enjoyed hanging out at Nonna and Grandpa's especially since they had their pumpkin all blown up in the yard.
Sunday 10/24 was the annual NICU reunion party. All the NICU graduates come back to visit the nurses and families that had spent some time there can see each other and catch up. Joey had a lot of fun this year and was running around doing all the crafts, talking to and walking away with some of his old nurses (of course Bethany!), and enjoying some food, good music, and of course the bubble machine! Jillian looked a lot like Joey did last year at the party, totally enthralled with the bubbles. This was the first Halloween dress up party too!
During the week we went to the liibrary, all dress up of course, to participate in the parade, listen to some Halloween stories, and dance to the festive music.
The 30th was yet another dress up party at Auntie Christy and Uncle Chris' house. Joey and Jillian had a lot of fun with all the kids, some of the adults even dressed up which was pretty fun too!
Then of course there is Halloween, the main event. Joey and Andrew had a lot of fun trick or treating, and we tried makig taffy apples at the end of the night which was, interesting and messy!
Sorry for the condensed post, but I realized I am way behind, and figured you'd rather see the pictures anyways...


Christy said...

Finally updated!! Cute pics!

Nonna and Grampa said...

We were so excited about our outing to Goeberts, we all had so much fun. When I told Sanday that I was disappointed that it had to rain that morning, she said "Oh who cares...it makes for a more interestng story" What a great attitude--to charish the moment, to celebrate life in all its presentations. How lucky I am to have this wonderful young woman as the mother to my grandchildren.

Crystal M. said...

Very cute!! Mickey and Minnie of course!! LOL!