Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Fun

Friday we headed out to another Schaumburg Flyers game (this time with Nonna and Grandpa) to wrap up their baseball season. The Flyers did not have a good record, but the park and atmosphere are still a lot of fun. It was really cold and windy, but we bundled up since it was Sesame Street night and Jillian and Joey did great! Joey got a ball from one of the players on the other team, and while all the other kids kept theirs Joey threw his back. So another player started playing catch with Joey. Joey was in heaven. He had a huge smile on his face and kept throwing the ball back and forth. He was much more unsure of the Sesame Street characters, but Jillian shook Elmo's hand.

Saturday we were home in the morning while the basement was being worked on. Joey knows our contractor by first name (Mike). Mike made it to buddy status quickly by bringing Joey a doughnut last weekend! Since it was a nice day we left Daddy and Mike to work on some basement details while we went to the 2Toots Train Whistle Grill in Glen Ellyn for lunch! Joey and Andrew loved watching their lunch delivered to the table by the train. Joey doesn't know Thomas the Train, but loves trains in general, and was happy to see Thomas on one of the tv's by our table too. The diner was decorated like a 50's diner, and the atmosphere was perfect for the boys. Emma loved looking at the lights and decor, and Jillian loved the cupcake that Joey got. It came with a train whistle that Joey likes, but Jillian tried getting her hands on the cupcake...go figure!

Sunday we did our annual apple picking. Last year we went fairly early as well, and this year it was opening weekend and a perfect day. The weather was great, the kids were in good moods, and we all had a fun time. Joey liked the tractor, but was a little clingy with the hayride itself. Jillian had a fun time playing in the grass and trying to eat an apple. She wasn't terribly successful. She would get mad if we tried to start an apple for her, but she still has no teeth so she can't quite bite into an uneaten apple on her own. Emma seemed to enjoy and have better success at getting a little taste. Still she had a lot of fun. Joey insisted on carrying his own bag of apples no matter how heavy they got. Joey and Andrew had a great time picking apples and then playing on the tractors!


Christy said...

Apple picking=apple pies!!!!!

Crystal M. said...

WOW Sounds like a great weekend, we are going apple picking next weekend, I cant wait to start baking.

Nonna and Grampa said...

The baseball game was such fun and don't forget to save me a piece of apple pie!!