Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Boys!

Joshua, our oldest child and a great teacher, we continue to thank you for showing us the important things in life, making us realize we are stronger than we know, and can love in so many capacities. We miss you always, and on your birthday we are reminded again of the day our lives were completely flipped upside down, and you started us on a rollercoaster journey that I wouldn't ever want to miss. We love you Joshua!

Joey, we can't believe you are 2 today! You are such a joy and bring so much laughter in our lives. We are constantly amazed with all you do. We see glimpses of your brother in you all the time, and know that a big part of you is in heaven. We look forward to each new thing you learn and do, and are enjoying watching you grow. We love your run, your laugh, your skinny little limbs, the way you take care of your little sister...we love everything about you!

Twins have a special connection that can never be broken, even with life and death. There are many times when we've noticed Joey acting oddly, or picking up a habit of Josh's around times like these, occasions that are reminders to him that he has a twin brother. While Joey may have been very young when Josh passed on, there is no doubt in our minds that Joey knows Joshua and still feels a part of him in daily life. The twin bond is a very strong bond. Happy 2nd Birthday to our twin boys!


Nonna and Grampa said...

Happy Birthday to our beautiful twin grandsons!! Joshy, we hold you dear every day, you have been our greatest teacher. We love you always. Joey, you are our light. You are so smart and funny, we can never get enough of you. When we are feeling low all we have to do is think of you and the things you say and do and we can't help but feel happy again. We love you so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Crystal M. said...

Happy Birthday Josh and Joey, sorry we missed your party, I am sure you all had a great time!!!
Crystal and Eva

Christy said...

Happy Birthday sweet boys. Our love for both of you grows every day.