Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day and Swimming

For Valentine's Day we dressed Jillian up in her tutu that a few of my fitness class participants got for her as part of my shower gift. It was hard not to look at Jillian and laugh or smile.

Last weekend Joey tried out his water legs and went in the pool with Daddy for his first Parent-Tot Swim Lessons. Joey enjoyed the water and splashing around with Daddy.

Here is Josh last Valentine's Day with his bib and paci. The next day he rested up, but still wouldn't let go of his Valentine balloon while he slept. On the 18th of February he was admitted to CDH because of a possible shunt infection. This led to the transfer to Children's and his very long stay there. More to come on that, but I wanted to keep things uplifting for now. He is such a cutie!



That is so cute that Josh would hold onto the balloon while he slept. That's a nice pool you guys have over there.

Crystal M. said...

Very sweet!! I love how Josh loved his balloon just like Eva, must be a CHARGE thing.
Happy Belated Valentines Day!!

Nonna and Grampa said...

All my grandchildren are the cutest!! Josh playing with his balloons, Joey in swimming lessons (looking very cool in his swimming outfit) and Jillian in a tutu!! What more could a Nonna want?