Monday, August 31, 2009

Eva's Having Surgery

Please keep Eva and her family in your thoughts and prayers today. Eva is having surgery on her hips. Her hips were starting to dislocate and the muscles were really tight, so they are going to do a surgery which will require her to be in a cast from the hips down for a few weeks. We hope she has an easy surgery and a speedy recovery. Eva is a CHARGE kiddo that has had her share of surgeries (heart surgery, out!, and ear surgery to name a few), but every surgery a child has is a big deal. We are thinking of you Eva. Josh will be watching out for his girlfriend.

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Crystal M. said...

Thank you guys!! That was sweet, she is doing ok at the moment, we are in her hospital room and its great I can be on the lap top and Dan can watch one tv and I can watch anther.
I have an update on her blog with some pics.
Crystal and Eva