Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Happenings

First off, Happy 11 months Joey! We can't believe 1 more month will be a year! It has been quite the roller coaster, but worth it all.
Again, we have been lax about posting, sorry! Here are some updated pictures of what's been going on around the Kurby household.

Weekend Fun
A few weekends ago Uncle Paul, Auntie Katherine, Ben, Abbey and Chien came over. Joey and Abbey are getting more interactive with each other and it is so fun watching them play. Ben had fun with the water table too.

Taste of Summer
The weather was quite warm a couple weeks ago so Joey tried out his sea legs, as did Daddy. Dad went to stand in the pool and then surprised us all by sitting down with his clothes on. Crazy guys!

Joey's Turn
Last Thursday poor Joey had a surgery procedure. To keep things PG Joey had some surgery on his boy parts. He was quite sore and uncomfortable for a while. He is still not allowed on straddle toys or in pools for another week. Here are some pictures of the surgery day. The one picture shows him smiling before he realizes he has been starved for 14 hours! It was bit too surreal going back to a part of Children's. The hallways and rooms looked a little too familiar. We were right back advocating for our children and insisting that Mommy went in the OR to watch him be put under. The surgery only took an hour and a half, and Joey was quite the trooper; eating up a storm shortly afterward, and then resting (and screaming) the rest of the day.

Just Play!
This past weekend Joey's bandages came off, which made him a bit miserable and sore once again. To take his mind off things for an hour or two we headed up to the Town Center where Mommy had to work the Just Play event. She was demonstrating with other Fitness Instructors from the park district some of the classes she teaches. Andrew and Joey were able to play at the different booths. Joey colored his first picture, pet a turtle, and played in a sandbox that had foam in it. It was a short visit to take Joey's mind off of things, but nice to get out for a little bit.


Eva Nichole said...

Wow you all have been crazy busy. I am glad you all got to get out a bit and have some fun.
Going back to the hosptial had to be really hard, but I am glad everything went well.
Crystal and Eva

Nonna and Grampa said...

Joey is a trooper!! He gets his strength from his mom and dad--that's for sure. I love that Phil sat down in the water with his clothes on...that's our Phil...personality plus!!